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Oral temperature may only be taken from a patient who is capable of holding the thermometer securely under the tongue, which generally excludes small children or people who are unconscious or overcome by coughing, weakness, or vomiting. (This is less of a problem with fast-reacting digital...
GERATHERM BABY FLEX DIGITAL THERMOMETER It has a large display for easy reading and a flexible bending tip up to 45 °.With the flexible tip - can bend up to 45o - this thermometer is ideal for children - less risk of injury. 100% waterproof, memory and comes with a protective case....
Normal body temperature is about 37/98.6F while armpit temperature is about 36.7/97.8 F but will vary according to the individual and depending on the measurement site within a range of 0.5
Brand: Sumbow
6-in-1 Ear & Forehead Thermometer JTMI-602M is capable of measuring temperature on the Forehead or in the Ear. The Thermometer measures the infrared heat generated from the eardrum and its surrounding tissues or from Forehead skin surface over temporal artery. It is not a non-contact device....
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